Sincan Husbandry Region Clear Up The Problems One By One…

Sincan Husbandry Region Chairman Mermer who says In case of completely becoming operational Sincan Husbandry Region which is founded in Sincan would be the largest husbandry region of Turkey, mentioned that roads in the region were asphalted; electricity and substructure problem would be solved in the shortest time. 

“There are around 6 thousand feeder cattle and dairy cattle in our region as of today. This number will exceed 50 thousands when our other enterprises finished” Sincan Husbandry Region Chairman Birol Mermer said. Mermer who declared all the roads were asphalted in the region, electricity problem would be solved soon, said.  Mermer mentioned that Sincan Husbandry Region which was established on 2 thousand 865 decares (a land measure of about 920 square meters) between Anayurt and Türkobası neighborhoods connected to Sincan will be the largest husbandry region of turkey in case of completely activating.

Substructure problem is solved  
Mermer who mentioned the roads in Sincan Husbandry Region were asphalted with the contribution of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality; “I think that the investments will increase in the region with the completion of asphalt works in the region where is not accessible due to dust in summer and not accessible due to mud in the winter, then the companies would serve better possibilities” said. Mermed told the electricity problem would be solved with the works shall be started in this year he estimated. 

50 thousand animals are expected 
Mermer; who stated there were 6 thousand animals in Sincan Husbandry Region; 
“Half of them are in stock husbandry companies and the other half is in dairy husbandry enterprises. This number will exceed 50 thousands when the other companies are completed. We are trying to meet our fodder and chaff needs from environmental villages. We hold consultation with our farmers and support the development of agriculture” said  

Call for stockbreeders 
After cancelling the licenses of winged, ovine and bovine breeding farms founded in Çubuk and Esenboğa ways and fertilizer manufacturing areas, we wait those enterprises and owners to Sincan Husbandry Region. We like the old order breeding system which continues still in some districts and even in the villages of Sincan foremost in our Çubuk region should end.