Huge Husbandry Region in Sincan

Stock breeders, who gathered together in Sincan where has a part in husbandry and agriculture besides the importance of being one of central districts of Ankara, put a giant investment signature which will reinvigorate the economy. 

Natural Stock Collective Workplace Cooperative, established 50 thousand animal’s capacity Sincan Husbandry Region on to the one thousand two hundred decare field (one-tenth of a hectare). It is mentioned that, in the region where now 8 thousand bovine exists, animal number will increase to 12 thousand within five months by the completion of investments in the region. There are 7 thousand pcs stock and one thousand pcs dairy cattle in the stock region. In the region where modern enterprises place animal manures are collected with automatic systems from the enterprises. Target of cooperative is to manufacture biogas from the manures collected. 

Ankara administrative of food, agriculture and livestock Bülent Korkmaz, visited Natural Stock Collective Workplace chairman Birol Mermer and inspected. 

Province head Korkmaz who expressed his appreciation due to bringing these kinds of enterprises to Ankara, said they wanted to use the experiences which were gained here in Organized Stock industry region which was established in Çubuk. Korkmaz who remarked there were modern investments in region, said stock feeders purchased forage crop from the surrounding villages this investment would contribute to husbandry and agriculture edgeways in bilaterally by increasing the forage crop planting.