Substructure Works (Electricity)

Infrastructure works to provide electricity for the first phase which was dived according to our plans were started after the parcel draw lot made in 27 May 2006 and electricity service was completed until 2007 June. Within this scope, 4,5 km O.G (medium tension) and A.G (Low voltage) electricity line were run, 187 pcs various sizes galvanized covered pylons were erected in the electricity network construction where 36 KVA SME modular cells were placed in the entrance of Electricity main line coming from Sincan in front of  cooperative area and 22.245 meter ASTER and 7.145 meter ROZ, 7.415 meter PANSİ total 37.075 meter aluminum wire were run between these pylons.

Line protection earth with 23 pcs 1 X 50 NYY cable were made to the end of feeder line ending edges; 2 pcs 34,5/0,4 – 400KVA transformers were established on these lines. 2 pcs 400 KVA distribution panels were made for transformers.  Completed AG (Low voltage) network is operating state and submitted to the usage of members whose subscription transactions were completed. 

Second phase electricity running works were continued in 2009 on the site, approximately 10 km medium tension line were made. Electricity connection of all parcels was made ready. (Current transformers were removed for security reasons, new transformers shall be added according to the capacity) TR-1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-11-12 and Kantar-Nizamiye (bascule – security gate) numbered transformer posts were completed and engaged; total 10 pcs transformers were set to the area as 1 pcs for security gate line. 2 km low voltage and medium tension security gate line was made, west security gate facilities energy necessity was provided. Electricity connection of all parcels in our cooperative region was made ready. In consequence of the works our cooperative performed at Metropolitan municipality, Sincan Municipality, Ankara metropolitan municipality, approved the decision to perform superstructure of region by assembly decision, in accordance with this decision, Road construction works were started at the end of 2007.

After the parcel draw lot made in 27 May 2006, works for sub ground-road service of first phase where we divided according to our plans, road constructions were elevated until the end of 2007 but, work of bringing stone and stabilized material to lay on to the roads were not materialized due to economic reasons. With the substructure road support of metropolitan municipality started on July 2008, all the stones of this phase were paved so the sub ground and road services of first phase were completed.  

Sub ground – road works at second phase was started by Metropolitan municipality in July-August 2008 months, these works were continued at intervals until the February of 2009. Meantime roads inside of the area were elevated by the own possibilities of Metropolitan municipality (Truck, Dozer, Ladle), stones and stabilized material were paved to the roads. Road which connects our land to the Türkobası    turnout, opened starting from zero and stones were paved; road which connect to Tatlar Water treatment facility was again stoned and stabilized material was paved here too. Road which connects our land to Anayurt village was opened by Metropolitan municipality; half of 3.400 meters was stoned. Also 1000 and 1500 diameter concrete pipes were paved in order to pass steam beds. In consequence of these works, 25 km road was constructed. Apart from that, rigging (Elevation, Bevel) works with the own possibilities of our cooperative continued in 2009.