Infrastructure Works

Disorderly irrigation channels, canalettes, ditches and etc. in the land has been covered,  an irrigation channel with 8 kilometers of length, 4 kilometers of width and 1,5 meters of depth has been established for irrigated farming of villagers aimed at the contractual roughage production prescribed by our project and a service road next to this channel has been opened; a connection from irrigation channel to pond has been established and annual maintenance and repair works are performed in 2008.

5.400 meters long road up to entrance of land was revised,  3.000 meters of service road inside the land was established.

Entry and exit roads of the land were revised, a new 45 kilometers long road was paved in the land. Maintenance and repair of 5.500 meters long road to cooperative land after ASKİ Treatment Facility has been performed by pouring stabilized material.  3.465 meters long road inside the cooperative area has been reconstructed by pouring 3640 m3 stabilized material that are properly to use in winter conditions. 
Maintenance and repair works has been performed for the 2700 meters of the road on the side of main road providing access to cooperative land. All the works performed so far was executed through our own means.

As a result of the works of our cooperative before Metropolitan Municipality and Sincan Municipality, the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality approved the set up of remaining roads and substructure for free by taking municipal council decision; in accordance with this decision road construction works of Metropolitan Municipality had started in the last months of 2007.
After the parcel drawings in May 27th 2006, the works were started for road-substructure services of first stage that we reserved in the land for our plans, the roads were reached to grades until June 2007; but laying the stones and stabilized materials on the roads couldn't performed due to lack of economic capabilities.
With the substructure-road support of Metropolitan Municipality started in July 2008, all the stones and materials were laid on these roads and substructure-road service of first stage has been completed.
Metropolitan Municipality started substructure-road works in second stage in July-August of 2008 and these works intermittently continued until February of 2009. During this period, the roads inside the land has been leveled with the heavy construction equipments (truck, dozer, digger) of Metropolitan Municipality, and stones and stabilized materials are laid on the roads.

The road which connects our land to Türkobası turnout has been opened and pitched; the road connected to Tatlar Water Treatment facility was re-stoned and stabilized materials were laid on this road. The road which connects our land to Anayurt village was opened by Metropolitan Municipality and half of the 3400 meters long road was laid by stone. Also 1000 and 1500 meters of tubes were laid in stream beds. As a result of these works 25 kilometers of road work has been performed. Beside that, our cooperative continued to rigging works (refinement, beveling) of current roads through its own means in 2009.