Rise Of Project

Upon the decision of closing farms in adjacent area borders by governorship sanitation committee, a group of manufacturer whose farmers were closed located in Ankara province Etimesgut district Bağlıca village deal with stock farming and with the common attempt of Sincan District governorship, Sincan husbandry region brood and butchery cattle farming project, in order to providing necessary finance by the establishment of limited Natural Stock Collective Workplace Building Cooperative where Sincan union of village delivery service founders are included on 23/08/2002 date, the project was started. This project which was planned to establish on current land was designed as unexampled condition in our country.

Title deed which was given by state in order to  build establishment of husbandry facilities, increasing animal manufacturing, creating new employment fields passed to Sincan union of village delivery service from Land office in 08/08/2003 date and passed to our cooperative in 19/08/2004 from Sincan union of village delivery service.

Our land is located at Anayurt neighborhood 996 parcel and it is 2.865.000 square meters. Between Ankara waste water treatment facility (Malıköy) and Organized industrial area, in parallel to Ankara brook. Esenkent and Türkobası Train stations are quite closer to the land. It is about 23 km far from Sincan and 20 km far from Eskişehir – Malıköy road. When it was earned by our cooperative, our land which is around 7,5 km in length and 2.865.000 square meters, was consist of marsh in a significant part.
Great occupation and labor was performed by our cooperative in order to drain the marsh, also spent for money.  Settlement and individual barn surveying plan works on the land was completed and it was decided to constitute 147 pcs breeding cattle enterprise and 86 pcs butchery beef company establishment, common use areas which will be used by farms, common service areas, areas for facilities and social service areas were constituted.

1/25.000, 1/5.000 structural plans of land and 1/1.000 construction plan and allotment plan was completed, construction plan was confirmed.
In accordance to the decision taken on 19.03.2006 date ordinary General assembly, intangible rights determination committee was formed, in accordance with the report which was prepared by this committee, separated intangible rights were determined and parcel draw was made on 27.05.2006 by extraordinary general assembly meeting on the presence of notary office.

After this draw lot, 1st phase lands elevation processes were completed, super structure projects were prepared, sub structure projects were prepared and then confirmed from metropolitan municipality.
In order to complete the construction without subject to building audit and license, works at, Ministry of Public Works, Agricultural Ministry, Commerce and Industry Ministry, Turkish Grand National Assembly, Metropolitan municipality, Sincan municipality were carried out. in consequence of these works, by the assembly decision which were taken by Ankara metropolitan municipality and Sincan Municipality, It was decided to not to take fees from the construction which would be carried out in this region.

Worksite building was established a central point of land; three pcs container were placed.
Bathroom/ Wc was built in worksite for the usage of Workers working on the site, wire cloth was used to close the worksite and for security of field and 1 pcs 70 m2 worker house was built.
South side of land was covered by wire cloth and about 9 km wire cloth was implemented. In addition in order to control the entrances and exits to the land 3 different points were furnished with security gates.
Acacia and almond trees were planted in 2008 when the saplings were provided by Sincan district governorship and other expenses were covered by our cooperative.
Afforestation works were continued in 2009 and 2010 in some periods by providing free of charge saplings from Ministry of Forestry.
In order to protect available agricultural devices and equipment existing in our cooperative stocks, cantilever was built in worksite center and worksite was fenced with wire cloth. Also vehicle washing and lubrication maintenance area was constructed in center worksite.
Struggle for insects arising from Ankara brook, Water treatment and marsh parts of land was started.