Message of Chairman

Birol Mermer

50 thousand bovine animal numbers are targeted and it is expected to meet the large part of necessities of Ankara for milk and meat in our region. Investments started in our region continue rapidly. Enterprises started husbandry activities, continues the needed investments for dairy cattle and stock farming and increase their capacities. Sincan Husbandry region which will largely contribute the development of husbandry in our country will be an equilibrant for the price constitution of milk and meat in Turkey additionally.
Our region which has an important point for our country economy also economically contributes to the environmental villages by Sincan Husbandry Region for the farmers located surrounding neighborhoods too. Sincan Husbandry Region marked an era for husbandry sector. We are ready to develop husbandry with the modern enterprises and facilities located in our region. Our goal is to develop the husbandry in our region and in our country. With this project, it was aimed To form a basis to make requested type, environment-friendly, lower investment costs, and more productive husbandry in European Union contribution process. Also, it was aimed To have the technology and information which could be obtained by big business companies by combining small and medium size enterprises. 

Sincan Husbandry Region