About Us

A group of manufacturers dealing with stock-farming performed a joint study with Sincan District governorship in Bağlıca village of Etimesgut district for looking for and purchasing of a proper land and Sincan Union of village delivery service legal entity was assigned to manage the project.
Purchase of the land, planning and common substructure works are planned to be performed by this institution but it was understood that Sincan Union of village delivery service couldn’t use the government possibilities and promotions; it was decided to establish a cooperative in order to meet the necessary finance. 

Our cooperative which Sincan Union of village delivery service is among the founders started to its activities 23/08/2002.

Our cooperative made the first meeting with constituent assembly, put rules under additional protocols name which cooperative members should obey in writing. By this way establishment of husbandry facilities, increasing animal production and usage of the land relevant was guaranteed. 

Our cooperative which started first activities in Sincan District governorship then moved the center where we use now. Still manages the activities from this center.

  • To ranch in enterprises with more effective, productive, lower investment costs, environment-friendly.
  • To constitute an opportunity for the manufacturers whose companies were closed due to enlarging urbanizing pressure
  • To form a basis to make requested  type husbandry in European Union contribution process 
  • To have the technology and information which could be obtained by big business companies by combining small and medium size enterprises?

To form an enterprise, consisting of 233 independent company but moving as a unique enterprise,
Common sub structure  

  • Electricity 
  • Road
  • Water 
  • Sewage 

Common superstructure 

  • Quarantine facilities and animal hospital 
  • Fertilizer facilities 
  • Forage preparing 
  • Milk collection facilities etc.

Common Machinery 

  • Forage distribution
  • Fertilizer collection, carriage 
  • Planting, Harvesting machinery etc. 

Common service  

  • Security 
  • Veterinary services 
  • Animal care
  • Zoo technic services such as conducting etc.

To assist the ones who did never deal with husbandry before with the usage of Common Movement Ability (Purchasing inputs for companies and marketing the products etc.)  for their achievement in the sector which is new for them. 

Having more productive enterprises by developing partnership culture and decreasing unit investment costs, increasing effective usage.